50 Shades of Gray!

Yes, the color gray is THE color of today’s interior decorating world.

Gray Venetian Plaster

And Plaster Artistry has *at least* 50 shades of gray Venetian Plaster. We also have any shade of white that you can dream up, or beige. Beige? Yes, despite the immense popularity of gray currently, many people still prefer the warmth of beige. Many high-end designers use gray and beige together in the same room.

Authentic Gray Venetian Plaster

What if authentic gray Venetian Plaster isn’t what you want?

What if you need a custom color to match your sofa, your rug, your new granite countertop?

No problem. We’ve got your match.

Want the natural Venetian Plaster, with no color added at all?

No problem. the natural Venetian Plaster is a beautiful shade of warm white.

No matter what color you want, we’ve got your match!

Authentic Italian Colorants

Our authentic imported Italian earth and oxide colorants blow away the cheap synthetics that others use.  Our pigments are just like the ones used by the famous artists of the Italian Renaissance – the era of Michelangelo, Raphael, and DaVinci!

Your Venetian Plaster color – even the 50 shades of gray Venetian Plaster – will glow with the richness, beauty, and life of the Italian Renaissance.

Contact us now to get your own colorful world – or one of over 50 shades of gray Venetian Plaster!

Ciao a presto!