About Plaster Artistry

About Plaster Artistry

Plaster Artistry™ is a unique company of artisans trained and certified in the centuries-old techniques of Venetian plaster, decorative plaster, Italian stucco, and other Luxury European Wall Finishes. We are well able to meet the needs of every client, whether you are an individual who wants to dress up a single space in your home, a business owner/manager who wants to create a more upscale ambience, an interior designer looking for the best options for your high-end client, or the architect/builder of a large commercial project.

Project Manager

From the time he was a young child, our Project Manager had a keen interest in the arts. His first exposure to plasters was as a young child. Growing up in an Antebellum home that his parents renovated, he participated in the replastering of the home’s interior. Passionately interested in music, he went on to college to double major in Music Composition and Vocal Performance, while studying Classical Guitar and Keyboard as well. Today, he continues his love of music as a multi-genre songwriter.

His interest in the visual arts started in college, and he has continued to expand his artistic skills. His curiosity and love for beautiful plasters eventually led him to study the almost-lost art of authentic Venetian and Italian plastering. Studying at a prestigious school in the heart of the Venetian region of Italy, he learned the skills handed down through the centuries, from generation to generation of skilled artisan. Continuing his quest for excellence, he later returned to Italy’s Venetian region to study privately under one of Italy’s great Master Artisans.

Not only an accomplished artisan, he has many years of experience as Executive Manager of a successful chain of businesses. This invaluable expertise enables him to manage the unique needs of your project, regardless of its size.


Our Designer had a love for the arts from earliest childhood. Growing up in a family of creative and artistic people, her own creativity was given free reign to grow and develop. She does not remember a time when she was not drawing or painting, and began making jewelry at a very young age. At 12 years of age she began to sew, and soon was modifying patterns and creating different things to wear — setting her apart from her peers.

She went on to get a Masters Degree in Apparel and Textile Design, graduating with honors. Her first job out of college was as a textile designer. Over the years she has continued to add many new talents to her ever-expanding palette of skills. Traveling to the heart of Italy’s Venetian region, she studied the ancient, authentic methods of Venetian and Italian plastering at a prestigious Italian plaster school. Later, in Italy, she further refined those skills in private lessons with one of Italy’s great Master Artisans.

Her talent and expertise in the field of design gives her a unique ability to work with homeowners, designers, and architects, enabling you to choose the best Venetian plaster finish, in the best colors for your needs, regardless of the scope of your project.

About Plaster Artistry

Plaster Artistry™ is continually seeking ways to better serve the needs of every client, whether you are an individual homeowner or the largest commercial builder. Our Project Manager has recently added a large number of European partners, enabling us to pull together any size team of skilled and experienced artisans, to complete any size project on schedule.

Our Designer seeks out both the authentic ancient plaster wall finishes, and creative new ways to use the plasters, enabling us to continue to expand your selection of beautiful wall and ceiling finishes. Plaster Artistry™ – the perfect team to bring the beauty of authentic Italian decorative plasters and stuccos to your home, business, or project.

Plaster Artistry™ is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

About Plaster Artistry - romantic bridge over Venetian canal.

Romantic bridge over Venetian canal.