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Venetian Plaster Summer

Venetian Plaster Summer With its cool touch and stylishly cool look, Venetian Plaster will give your home or business an ambience and charm that makes your summer at home the best ever. Marmorino Marmorino, with one of its main ingredients being Italian marble, gives walls a matte coolness that paint or faux can never match. And only Real Italian Marmorino – Venetian Plaster – has that subtle sparkle that comes from real bits of marble from the Italian Alps, the…

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Is real Venetian Plaster in your budget?

Is Real Venetian Plaster in your budget? Do you crave the authenticity of Real Venetian Plaster but think you can’t afford it? On a budget Don’t think that because Real Venetian Plaster is made in and imported from Italy that you cannot afford it. Think about using this amazing Italian decorative finish in a smaller area. Dress up smaller areas Yes, a whole room, house, or office does look awesome when dressed in “Italian”. And if that is within your…

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50 Shades of Gray Venetian Plaster

50 Shades of Gray! Yes, the color gray is THE color of today’s interior decorating world. Gray Venetian Plaster And Plaster Artistry has *at least* 50 shades of gray Venetian Plaster. We also have any shade of white that you can dream up, or beige. Beige? Yes, despite the immense popularity of gray currently, many people still prefer the warmth of beige. Many high-end designers use gray and beige together in the same room. Authentic Gray Venetian Plaster What if…

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How old is Venetian Plaster?

How Old is Venetian Plaster?

How old is Venetian Plaster? When we were in Italy studying and training in the Venetian Plaster arts, we were told that if a building was not at least 400 years old, the Italians did not consider it to be old. Now let’s just think about that for a moment. The United States is a mere infant by Italian standards. Here, we have a short term frame of mind, whereas the Italians think long term. Their mindset takes into consideration…

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Stay cool with real venetian plaster

Stay Cool with Real Venetian Plaster

Stay cool with Real Venetian Plaster Real Venetian Plaster has real Italian stone as its main ingredient. That’s right – stone. And, it has not just one type of stone, but two. Real Venetian Plaster contains Italian marble from the Dolomite mountains and Italian limestone. Made from authentic Italian stone The limestone usually comes from rivers in the Venetian region, such as the Brenta, and is also frequently sourced from the Venetian basin. Incidentally, the limestone in the water is…

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Venetian Plaster Colors

Venetian Plaster Colors Vibrant and pure earth colors beckon the eye toward Real Venetian Plaster when it is tinted with authentic natural Italian colorants. Colors of the Italian Renaissance Yes, the same earth and oxide colorants that were used in the Italian Renaissance are infused into the imported Italian Venetian Plaster colors that we use in our projects. Vibrant Glowing Color Natural earth and oxide pigments resist the naturally high pH that makes Real Venetian Plaster mold resistant. And their…

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The Heart of Venetian Plaster

The Heart of Venetian Plaster It may be named for the city of Venice Italy, but Venetian Plaster is actually made nearby in the mainland’s Venetian region, the Veneto – the Heart of Venetian Plaster. One of the most prominent Venetian Plaster producing cities is Vicenza, known for its entrepreneurial vibe. The heart of Venetian Plaster production is also the birthplace of one of Western civilization’s most celebrated architects, Andrea Palladio. Vicenza – UNESCO World Heritage Site “The City of…

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Venetian Plaster Fifth Wall Ceiling Ultraviolet

Venetian Plaster and the Fifth Wall

Venetian Plaster and the Fifth Wall Have you ever heard of the Fifth Wall in Interior Decorating speak? Ceilings are the fifth wall. Ignored in the US, they’re usually left a bland and barren white. A good interior designer will take cues from the Europeans on good ceiling treatment. European Ceilings vs. US Ceilings Europeans almost always tint their ceilings, and whether they are a subtle color just lighter than the walls, or whether they make a bold statement, the…

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