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Zebra Walk in Italy?

So, What are Zebra Walks in Italy?

So, What is a Zebra Walk in Italy? A Zebra Walk by any other name… Just ask any native of Verona, Italy, if they are “Shakespearean” in all things – or just as the beautiful setting for Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. This is a true story about the Zebra Walk. Can you guess that it is not about a wild animal park? Or Italian Designer shoes? Hmm. In Italy, this is not a zebra walk: In Italy, this is not…

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Could You Pass an Italian Driving Class?

Could You Pass an Italian Driving Class? Yes, I know that you took Drivers’ Ed in high school. You probably aced it. No tickets on your driving record? Great for you if true, he-he! Now, get ready for… “Italian Driving Style 101”. What is different about driving in Italy, you ask? Don’t they know right from left – unlike the UK? Right, uh, correct, yes they do. They have stop signs and traffic lights, right? Well, sort of. They just…

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Fiat – Is It Really a “FEE-ott”?

Fiat – Is It Really a “FEE-ott”? There we were, Gail and I, with Filippo, owner and driver of a new model Fiat. It was nice, and comfortable for a small car. Filippo was driving us in and around Verona, Italy, for the grand tour. For Filippo, it seemed that driving was more of a non-contact demolition race. Yes, he is certainly an interesting driver. LOL! Rules for driving in Italy? Sort of like “Rules in a knife fight?” a…

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