Mantovano Barrel Vault Ceiling: Venetian Plaster

Take a look at the unique and intriguing organic pattern on this Mantovano barrel vault ceiling! It’s in the same home where we did the rustic double chimney Venetian Plaster finish.

Mantovano Venetian Plaster finish, one of our signature Venetian Plaster finishes, dates back to the 11th century. Almost all Venetian plaster finishes have as a base ingredient lime putty, which is made from the local limestone. In Mantova, Italy, the limestones were pulled from the River Mincio, and had a different texture than those in most other areas. This gave their wet plaster a different character than the Venetian plasters of Venice and other cities.

Mantovano Barrel Vault Ceiling

Because of the difference in character, Mantovano Venetian plaster had to be applied differently than the others, resulting in a wall finish with an intriguing organic pattern. The Mantovano Venetian Plaster wall finish was extremely popular during the Italian Renaissance. While we were in the city of Mantua (Mantova), we visited one of the 500-room palaces, and saw the Mantovano Venetian plaster finish on some of the walls. It was still there, after several centuries! If any tourist touched the walls, an alarm would sound. Don’t worry, we didn’t test the alarm system!

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A unique historical decorative Venetian Plaster with an intriguing organic pattern, Mantovano Venetian plaster has a satin finish, cool and smooth to the touch, and will last forever. It was very popular during the Italian Renaissance in the palaces of Mantova (Mantua), Italy.

This versatile Venetian plaster fits well in homes of any style, from modern to traditional to rustic.

Do you have a home with walls or spaces that need to pop with interest and intrigue? We can apply this elegant, interesting Mantovano Venetian Plaster finish in your home!

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Mantovano Barrel Vault Ceiling

Mantovano Barrel Ceiling in private residence, Bancroft Place, Green Hills, Nashville TN