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Real Venetian Plaster breakfast room - Brentwood TN Tennessee

REAL Venetian Plaster?

What is real Venetian Plaster? In Italy, it is simply called “stucco”. It is so common there that every hardware store or paint shop stocks the lime plaster (stucco) and its specialized tools. Lime plaster is the real Venetian Plaster – synthetics and faux plasters are a poor imitation. Real Venetian Plaster training We studied extensively in Italy and learned the art and craft of authentic Venetian Plaster, mastering the secret techniques that are the hallmarks of high quality Venetian…

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Veneziano Venetian Plaster Wine Room

Veneziano Venetian Plaster Wine Room Remember the musician who had us put Modern Mantovano Venetian plaster in his music room? He eventually decided that he wanted to have a Veneziano Venetian plaster wine room! Because red and gold are “his colors”, he wanted the wine room to be gold, with his beautiful antique ruby glass decanter set collection as accents against the gold walls. Veneziano dates from the Renaissance period, and is the most traditional Venetian Plaster wall finish. Venetian architects…

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Marmorino Old Wall Foyer

Marmorino Old Wall Foyer These Governor’s Club (Brentwood, TN) homeowners were looking for an unusual and authentic wall finish for their new home. They chose to have Plaster Artistry do their Marmorino Old Wall Foyer. Marmorino is a Venetian Plaster that is made of ground marble, giving your walls the same feel as a slab of stone. This finish is one that we developed for a well-known Belle Meade (Nashville) designer who wanted a unique Venetian Plaster finish for her…

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Venetian Plaster Dome – Stone and Metallic

Venetian Plaster Dome: Stone and Metallic In this beautiful, expensive home, the homeowners weren’t happy with the looks of the dome. It was dark and felt heavy, so in updating their home to a lighter, brighter look, they asked us what we could do with it. We suggested a Venetian Plaster dome. Metallic Venetian Plaster Dome featured in one of Nashville’s Top 10 most expensive homes Did I mention that this Venetian Plaster dome project was in one of Nashville’s…

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Venetian Plaster Project: Marmorino Old Wall Kitchen/Keeping Room

Venetian Plaster Project: Marmorino Old Wall in Kitchen/Keeping Room Remember the well-known Belle Meade (Nashville) Designer/Architect who wanted a unique Italian Plaster finish for her new Country French home? The Marmorino Old Wall that we developed for her is one of our most popular plasters. Keep reading, 🙂 this is an interesting story… We were contacted by a really nice couple from Newburgh, Indiana, who were visiting their daughter here in Nashville. They planned to build a new Country French…

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Mantovano Barrel Vault Ceiling Venetian Plaster

Mantovano Barrel Vault Ceiling: Venetian Plaster Take a look at the unique and intriguing organic pattern on this Mantovano barrel vault ceiling! It’s in the same home where we did the rustic double chimney Venetian Plaster finish. Mantovano Venetian Plaster finish, one of our signature Venetian Plaster finishes, dates back to the 11th century. Almost all Venetian plaster finishes have as a base ingredient lime putty, which is made from the local limestone. In Mantova, Italy, the limestones were pulled…

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Rustic Chimney Venetian Plaster Finish

Rustic Chimney Venetian Plaster What would you do with an ugly, plain white double chimney stretching 28 feet up to your vaulted ceiling in the middle of your otherwise beautiful modern home? Go rustic chimney? Yes, Rustic Chimney Venetian Plaster. That wasn’t even the question facing us when we first met with these wonderful homeowners in Bancroft Place in Green Hills (Nashville). They were choosing a Venetian Plaster finish for their foyer ceiling, and really loved our Verona Venetian Plaster, which…

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Venetian Plaster Project: Southern Living Magazine

Venetian Plaster Project: Southern Living Magazine After we relocated to Nashville, we got a call from a well-known Belle Meade (Nashville) Designer/Architect who wanted a unique Venetian Plaster finish for her new Country French home. We didn’t know it, but she had plans to have the home featured in Southern Living Magazine, including our Venetian Plaster project! Venetian Plaster Project – Belle Meade She loved one of our Venetian Plasters (Lugano) as a starting point for her unique Venetian Plaster finish.…

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Here's what our clients are saying:

“You’re such gifted and talented artists, and I admire & adore your creations!!!
Thank you for what you did for Ken and I in our home! We love it!”

Barbara M. – Homeowner

“I am very appreciative of the great work you did for [client’s name]. I look forward to working with you again in the future!”

Jenney P. – Designer

“I’ll be recommending you to everyone for Venetian Plaster. You do great work, are very attentive to every detail, and are professional and nice to work with.”

Tony A. – Project Foreman

“This looks great! I can hardly wait to show all my friends! And I’ll be recommending you to ALL my clients!”

Ingelein S. – Designer

“We love what you did in the kitchen and keeping room of our new home! We plan to stay in this home forever, so it was really important to find a company that does such high quality work as you do. Thank you!”

Anne H. – Homeowner

“Thank you for the fine quality work you did in my study. I was hesitant to redecorate it, because I didn’t believe it could look like I wanted. But you made it look exactly like I planned!”

Graham C. – Homeowner

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