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Mantovano Barrel Vault Ceiling Venetian Plaster

Mantovano Barrel Vault Ceiling: Venetian Plaster Take a look at the unique and intriguing organic pattern on this Mantovano barrel vault ceiling! It’s in the same home where we did the rustic double chimney Venetian Plaster finish. Mantovano Venetian Plaster finish, one of our signature Venetian Plaster finishes, dates back to the 11th century. Almost all Venetian plaster finishes have as a base ingredient lime putty, which is made from the local limestone. In Mantova, Italy, the limestones were pulled…

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Rustic Chimney Venetian Plaster Finish

Rustic Chimney Venetian Plaster What would you do with an ugly, plain white double chimney stretching 28 feet up to your vaulted ceiling in the middle of your otherwise beautiful modern home? Go rustic chimney? Yes, Rustic Chimney Venetian Plaster. That wasn’t even the question facing us when we first met with these wonderful homeowners in Bancroft Place in Green Hills (Nashville). They were choosing a Venetian Plaster finish for their foyer ceiling, and really loved our Verona Venetian Plaster, which…

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Venetian Plaster Project: Southern Living Magazine

Venetian Plaster Project: Southern Living Magazine After we relocated to Nashville, we got a call from a well-known Belle Meade (Nashville) Designer/Architect who wanted a unique Venetian Plaster finish for her new Country French home. We didn’t know it, but she had plans to have the home featured in Southern Living Magazine, including our Venetian Plaster project! Here is the article: Venetian Plaster Project – Belle Meade She loved one of our Venetian Plasters (Lugano) as a starting point…

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Venetian Plaster blue garden room

Venetian Plaster Project: Veneziano in Garden Room

Venetian Plaster Project: Veneziano in Garden Room Here is another one of our first Venetian Plaster projects – this one is Veneziano, from back in 2004. A friend of the musician who had us do his music room in Modern Mantovano loved it so much that she wanted something similar in her garden room filled with tropical plants. And of course, she wanted it in her favorite color, denim blue. Veneziano is the most traditional Venetian Plaster finish, and dates…

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Red Modern Mantovano

Venetian Plaster Project: Modern Mantovano in Music Room

Venetian Plaster Project: Modern Mantovano in Music Room Venetian Plaster Project: Modern Mantovano in Music Room Our very first Venetian Plaster project from back in 2003 – a special room for music in the private home of a musician! We had made a large sample of the dramatic Italian Plaster finish, Modern Mantovano, in warm brick red to show to designers and potential clients. This musician loved our sample so much, that he wanted the exact same finish and color…

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Bridge in Venice

Just a Pinch or Two, Please?

Just a Pinch or Two, Please? Pinch? Yes, we had heard of it happening in Italy, but.. really? Seriously, it does happen, and it DID happen! Being from America, we could hardly comprehend that such behavior was considered (at least by many Italians) to be acceptable. The Pinch – Adventures in Venice, Italy What is the pinch in question? Allora, if you must ask, you may not know Italian men very well. Yep, when they see a woman’s nice derriere,…

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Zebra Walk in Italy?

So, What are Zebra Walks in Italy?

So, What is a Zebra Walk in Italy? A Zebra Walk by any other name… Just ask any native of Verona, Italy, if they are “Shakespearean” in all things – or just as the beautiful setting for Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. This is a true story about the Zebra Walk. Can you guess that it is not about a wild animal park? Or Italian Designer shoes? Hmm. In Italy, this is not a zebra walk: In Italy, this is not…

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Could You Pass an Italian Driving Class?

Could You Pass an Italian Driving Class? Yes, I know that you took Drivers’ Ed in high school. You probably aced it. No tickets on your driving record? Great for you if true, he-he! Now, get ready for… “Italian Driving Style 101”. What is different about driving in Italy, you ask? Don’t they know right from left – unlike the UK? Right, uh, correct, yes they do. They have stop signs and traffic lights, right? Well, sort of. They just…

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