Venetian Plaster Fireplaces

Your fireplace room is the best place to enjoy family game night, entertain guests during a party, or relax after a long day. It’s the one space in your home where you truly live, where you spend most of your time. Your Venetian Plaster Fireplace is the focal point of your home, and it’s important that you genuinely love and are inspired by it.

The calming simplicity of a Venetian Plaster Fireplace is the perfect way to give your home’s focal point exactly the ambiance you need. A lovely textural finish in the natural off-white of our imported European plaster is the classic color choice, and each of the different plasters that we import is a different beautiful shade of off-white. We can also tint the plaster for your fireplace any color that you like.

Plaster is simply a finish for the fireplace, and is not structural. So your fireplace must be built in place, with a smooth surface, in order for us to start. We can also cover existing bricks or stones with a foundation plaster to make it smooth for your choice of finish plasters.

A Venetian Plaster Fireplace gives your home’s focal point a fresh new look, creating an impactful ambiance that fits nicely into a variety home styles. You will genuinely love and be inspired by your Venetian Plaster Fireplace!

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