Rustic Chimney Venetian Plaster

What would you do with an ugly, plain white double chimney stretching 28 feet up to your vaulted ceiling in the middle of your otherwise beautiful modern home? Go rustic chimney? Yes, Rustic Chimney Venetian Plaster.

That wasn’t even the question facing us when we first met with these wonderful homeowners in Bancroft Place in Green Hills (Nashville). They were choosing a Venetian Plaster finish for their foyer ceiling, and really loved our Verona Venetian Plaster, which was too heavy for their ceiling. I kept glancing at that ugly monstrosity of a chimney, and finally it clicked.

“What are you going to do with *that*?” I asked, gesturing at the chimney.

“Oh, we just hoped we could make it go away,” the homeowner answered.

“What about using *this* on it?” I questioned, as I held up the Verona Venetian Plaster sample.

The homeowners loved the idea, and were thrilled with their resulting rustic chimney Venetian plaster finish. The eyesore had become a dramatically beautiful focal point a la Venetian Plaster!

Double rustic chimney venetian plaster - Verona

Verona Venetian Plaster rustic double chimney in modern home.

Verona Double Chimney

Verona Double Chimney

Mantovano Barrel Ceiling

Mantovano Barrel Ceiling

Rustic Chimney Venetian Plaster

Verona, our warm and elegant, but rustic, Venetian Plaster finish was originally developed to mimic the look of the marble sidewalks in Verona, Italy. The sidewalks have been there for centuries and are worn and pitted, with a surface worn smooth by countless feet.

Verona has been our most popular Venetian Plaster finishes, as it fits well in homes of any style, from modern to traditional to rustic.

Do you have a home with walls or spaces that you wish would just go away? We can apply this elegant and rustic Verona Venetian Plaster finish in your home, and turn your eyesore into a dramatically beautiful focal point!

Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you an estimate for getting this beautiful Verona Venetian plaster finish in your home!

Rustic Chimney Venetian Plaster

Verona Venetian Plaster Double Chimney in private residence, Bancroft Place, Green Hills, Nashville, TN