Venetian Plaster Colors

Vibrant and pure earth colors beckon the eye toward Real Venetian Plaster when it is tinted with authentic natural Italian colorants.

Colors of the Italian Renaissance

Yes, the same earth and oxide colorants that were used in the Italian Renaissance are infused into the imported Italian Venetian Plaster colors that we use in our projects.

Vibrant Glowing Color

Natural earth and oxide pigments resist the naturally high pH that makes Real Venetian Plaster mold resistant. And their crystalline form catches the light and gives the finish a glow from within that cannot happen with synthetic tints. Think of the Grand Canyon and the amazing glowing colors it has from its natural earth and oxide pigments.

Even our colorants are Real

These natural colorants make the Venetian Plaster Colors that we use in our finishes the best. After all, in our Real Venetian Plaster, even the colors are real. So whether you choose color that is subtle or bold, your walls will come alive with beautiful, vibrant, glowing color.

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Ciao a presto.