Venetian Plaster Dome: Stone and Metallic

In this beautiful, expensive home, the homeowners weren’t happy with the looks of the dome. It was dark and felt heavy, so in updating their home to a lighter, brighter look, they asked us what we could do with it. We suggested a Venetian Plaster dome.

Did I mention that this Venetian Plaster dome project was in one of Nashville’s most expensive homes? Yes – a top 10 one!

Our long-time client Clint was not pleased with the fake stone faux finish and heavy faux wood in his three story, 16 foot diameter dome. He came to us for advice, knowing that we did not believe that his original decision to have a faux painter do it a few years earlier was the right choice for his home. It not only *was* a faux finish – it *looked* like a faux finish – FAKE! It was a well done fake. But it was not REAL and authentic, and you could easily tell it. In a six million dollar home this was not acceptable!

Clint knows that we only do real, authentic finishes, not faux, so he came to us for our Venetian plaster expertise and Italian-trained artistry. We suggested that the dark brown beams be changed to a pale REAL STONE Venetian Plaster. And to coordinate with other spaces in the home, we suggested that the panels of the dome be re-done in a bronze metallic real Venetian Plaster. It would be a nice contrast to the light colored beams. And, the metallic Venetian plaster would reflect light, helping to make the Venetian Plaster dome appear lighter and brighter plus be an amazing focal point.

“Bingo,” he said. “Do it.”

Venetian Plaster Dome: Access

How do you get to a 16 foot dome above a circular staircase that is three stories tall? Not easily, to be assured. No, ladders will not work. Neither will scaffolding. So let’s dance! Yes, dance. It took a “dance floor”, as it’s called. Our project manager offered (at no extra charge to Clint) to arrange for a local scaffold company to erect a dance floor.

Wow. What wimps we encountered. All but one of them said it was too scary, as they were convinced they would damage the already lived in home. As expected, our tried and true first choice said they could do it, and they did, with excellence. Thanks guys!

Working inside a large dome is a challenge even under the best of conditions. But in the heat of summer – aww. Hot air does rise and it did! But we did it and it was finished on schedule. It looks great!

Take a peek at the Venetian Plaster dome:

Venetian Plaster Dome: Stone and Metallic

Metallic and Stone Dome, private residence, Brentwood, TN

Hand-Stenciled Venetian Plaster Coffered Ceiling

Hand-Stenciled Venetian Plaster Coffered Ceiling, private residence, Cambridge Downs, Brentwood, TN

The homeowners loved their Venetian Plaster dome, and were thrilled with their new brighter and more welcoming main rooms that respected the design of the home. The heaviness of the space was lifted.

Do you have an area in your home that needs to be updated? You may or may not have a dome, but we can make suggestions that will make your space brighter, lighter, and more elegant!

Contact us and we’ll be happy to have a look at your spaces and give you an estimate for getting beautiful Venetian Plaster in your home!

Metallo and Aquarello Venetian Plaster Dome

Metallo and Aquarello Venetian Plaster Dome at the top of three-story circular staircase. Private residence, Brentwood, TN.