Venetian Plaster Photos 2

Venetian Plaster Photos 2

Many of our legacy finishes below and on Venetian Plaster Colors Page 1 are still available either for smaller areas, or by special order. If you would like one of these Venetian Plaster finishes, please ask us about it.

Enjoy browsing through some of the beautiful Italian Plasters
available through Plaster Artistry™ for your walls and ceilings!
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Textured Marmorino

We added a bit of texture within the layers of this Marmorino. Still smooth and satiny to touch, but with added visual interest. The subtle sparkle is from coarsely ground Carrara marble.

Interior     882 Colors


This finish was developed by Plaster Artistry™ as a perfect coordinate for certain textured finishes; also works great on its own. With a finely pebbled surface and a texture that is both rustic and refined, it feels right at home in decors from modern urban to rustic lodge. Available in earthy colors from concrete to deep mahogany, plus custom colors.



The mica flakes contained in this Venetian plaster bring your walls and ceilings alive with the glowing patina of hand-rubbed metal. Available in your choice of rich shades of gold, silver, bronze, copper, verde, and custom gold- or silver-toned pastels.


Modern Mantovano

Textured, translucent appearance is smooth to the touch. This resin-based Venetian plaster takes deep, intense colors. We polish it to a mirror-like gloss. Washable and patchable, good for high traffic areas.

Interior/Exterior 1275 Colors

Mother of Pearl

A Plaster Artistry™ exclusive, our artisans developed this finish to mimic the look and feel of the interior shell of the Tennessee River Mussel. Soft, dreamy layers of mother-of-pearl color with a luminescent quality that is impossible to capture on film. Looks best in natural Mother of Pearl colors.



In Europe, cracked and weathered walls show the many layers of colored plaster that have been applied through the centuries. We artistically create that authentic look and feel using layers of unpolished Italian Marmorino plaster. A Plaster Artistry™ exclusive.

Interior Custom color combinations

Murs D’Art

This heavily textured plaster with a rustic look has cellulose fibers in it, giving it sound-dampening properties which make it great for media rooms. Thermal insulating properties make it warm to the touch. Also looks great applied as natural stones on a wall or chimney area.

Interior 1275 Colors

Murs d’Art Old Wall

Layers of Murs d’Art sound-dampening plaster are artistically applied to create the look of an ancient wall of peeling, variously colored plasters. Works great in any area where its sound-dampening qualities would be beneficial, such as large open areas or media rooms.

Interior Custom color combinations

Slate Effect

For Slate Effect, a special plaster is artistically textured and colored to mimic the look of a large slab of slate. Designed by one of our artisans, this finish is a Plaster Artistry™ exclusive. It has a sound absorbing quality, and a dramatic deep coloring, and is perfect for many areas, including your media room.


Stucco Romano

Lightly textured, with the look of quarried stone. Waxed for durability and to attain the semi-gloss finish.

Interior 1275 Colors

Stucco Romano with Multi-Wax

We added a second layer of wax to this Venetian plaster sample, using 3 colors. It has the appearance of more depth as a multi-colored natural granite slab might have.

Interior Infinite Color Combinations


Warm, rustic, textured authentic lime plaster with the time-worn feel of weathered stone. Satin finish.

Interior 1275 Colors

Rasato di Calce

This very elegant Venetian plaster, also known as “Salt and Pepper”, has tiny grains of black volcanic sand embedded in classic white Marmorino. Its satiny finish adorns the walls of the many palaces and villas designed and built by Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. In your home or business, it gives an elegant, timeless appeal to any room. May also be tinted in pastel colors.



This historic classic of the decorative tradition in Tuscany and central Italy has the look and feel of unpolished Travertine stone. The Carrara marble flour and selected sands make it highly durable. Travertino — it will last a lifetime. Also looks great applied as quarried Travertine stone blocks. Looks best in natural stone colors.



Inspired by the ancient marble sidewalks of Verona, Italy. This dramatic work of art captures perfectly the look and feel of worn, cracked, weathered marble, complete with the deep grainy pits, polished by hundreds of years of pedestrian traffic. Creates a richly dramatic setting on the walls of any style home, whether modern, traditional, or rustic. Made from real Carrara marble.



This striking Venetian plaster is another Plaster Artistry™ exclusive, developed by one of our artisans. Layered color with black pebbled accents create the look of a stone slab. Great as an accent wall or an entire dramatic room. Smooth, glossy finish.

Interior Any Custom Color Combination


Textured, translucent appearance is smooth to the touch. This resin-based Venetian plaster takes deep, intense colors. We polish it to a mirror-like gloss. Washable and patchable, good for high traffic areas.

Interior/Exterior 1275 colors

Veneziano BiColore

We used two colors of Veneziano to attain this interesting effect. Shown here in Red/ Terracotta, you can choose your own two colors to complement your home or business.

Interior/Exterior 1275 colors

Veneziano Classico

A smooth, glossy classic Venetian plaster with universal appeal. Shown here in two colors, can also be done in a single color, where you would see tone-on-tone variations of your chosen hue.

Interior 107 colors

Venetian Plaster Photos Page 1 > 2 > Art > Project Gallery > Press


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