Venetian Plaster Nashville: Venetian Plaster, Marmorino, Tuscan Plaster, Safra Artenova, Nashville TN Authentic Venetian Plaster Wall Finishes
Venetian Plaster: Red Modern Mantovano in Music Room
Venetian Plaster: Aquarello Wall Panel with Hand Painted Raised Stencil
Blue Venetian Plaster in Garden Room
Venetian Plaster Photo
Venetian Plaster Photo

Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster Nashville, TN, USA

From the Venetian Plaster artisans at Plaster Artistry™:

Now, you can enjoy Venetian Plaster magic, magnificence, and Venetian Plaster colors in your home or business.

Italian Trained Venetian Plaster Artisans

We are Italian-trained plaster artists who create the Venetian magic called Venetian Plaster. We use centuries-old techniques to handcraft Venetian Plaster splendor with modern tools, using imported authentic Italian Venetian Plaster products.

Real - not a tacky faux finish!

Authentic Venetian Plaster - not imitation!

The ageless beauty of Venetian Plaster finishes has adorned Italy for centuries.

We create the looks that give Venetian majesty to Venetian Plaster, even using earth and oxide colorants from the Venetian region of Italy. These natural Venetian Plaster colors bring the Venetian Plaster charm, energy, feel, and mood to your home or business.

Venetian Plaster Inspirations  

* Tuscan-inspired Venetian Plaster finishes with the look of aged, warm rustic villas or country estates

* Entryways that evoke Venice, that awesome city in water, and its Grand Venetian Palaces

* Cool nooks with smooth shiny elegance, or chalky dreamy walls and ceilings

* Accent walls

* Range hoods, foyers, stairways, domes, offices, whole house, or business.

Venetian Plaster - it can be yours!

Venetian Plaster Artisans - Trained in Italy

Our Venetian plaster artisans are trained in Italy and are certified by two Venetian Plaster academies in the Venetian Plaster arts, and bring to your home, business, or commercial project an unmatched level of beauty, elegance, and sophistication.

From the polished brilliance of smooth Venetian plaster, to cool sparkling Marmorino, to heavily textured Venetian plaster with an "old wall" feel -

From rustic to contemporary, Plaster Artistry™ brings it to your walls, ceilings, and lifestyle.
Plaster Artistry™ offers to you an expanding palette of both natural lime (environmentally friendly "green") and synthetic Italian plaster and stucco.

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Enjoy browsing through our selection of imported Venetian plaster and call or email today.