What is real Venetian Plaster?

In Italy, it is simply called “stucco”. It is so common there that every hardware store or paint shop stocks the lime plaster (stucco) and its specialized tools. Lime plaster is the real Venetian Plaster – synthetics and faux plasters are a poor imitation.

Italian Plaster training

We studied extensively in Italy and learned the art and craft of authentic Italian Plaster, mastering the secret techniques that are the hallmarks of high quality plaster finishes. It is not an easy art to master. There is a high barrier between making a sample board and expertly executing Venetian Plaster on the walls and ceilings of a room, foyer, or whole house.

Only authentic Italian ingredients make real Italian Plaster

Real Italian Plaster is made of aged Italian lime putty, crushed Italian marble, and often a few other “magic” ingredients, depending on the desired final look and feel. The look can be matte or glossy, smooth or textured. Real Italian Plaster is cool to the touch – just like real stone – due to the marble and limestone it’s made from. Real Venetian Plaster exudes an ambience that is unmatched by imitation or faux plaster.

Relationships built with authentic Italian Plaster manufacturers

We’ve spent years developing relationships with manufacturers and suppliers in Italy who make real Venetian Plaster. These relationships insure that you get the best real Italian Plaster when choosing us for your projects.

Venetian Plaster is Italy’s signature decorative finish.

When you visit Venice, Italy, you will see the constant theme of Venetian “stucco” throughout all of the exterior and most of the interior finishes. They are real, authentic stucco – or “Venetian Plaster” as we know it here.

So, if it’s good enough for one of the world’s greatest and most famous cities, Venice Italy, just think what it will do for your home or business. It will be transformed!

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Whether your Plaster project is a range hood, foyer, accent wall, office, or whole house, our authentic Italian Venetian Plaster is unbeatable!

Contact us today to see and touch our Italian Plasters to find out why authentic Italian Plaster is THE best.

Ciao a presto!

Plaster Artistry installed real Italian plaster in the breakfast room of this beautiful home in Brentwood, TN.

Plaster Artistry installed real Italian plaster in the breakfast room of this beautiful home in Brentwood, TN.