Venetian Plaster and the Fifth Wall

Have you ever heard of the Fifth Wall in Interior Decorating speak?

Ceilings are the fifth wall. Ignored in the US, they’re usually left a bland and barren white. A good interior designer will take cues from the Europeans on good ceiling treatment.

European Ceilings vs. US Ceilings

Europeans almost always tint their ceilings, and whether they are a subtle color just lighter than the walls, or whether they make a bold statement, the ceiling treatment is important for the room to have eye-appealing visual interest.

Venetian Plaster fits this concept very well. In Europe it is considered normal for ceiling treatments to be Venetian Plaster, murals, or paint.

Now more people in the US are realizing the beauty and appeal of tinted ceilings. Not just designers, but also homeowners who are wanting something different from the norm are going for this exciting decorating idea.

How to choose a tint for your Fifth Wall

For example, a lighter tint on the ceiling contrasted to darker walls elevates the sense of space, while the darker shades on the lower area – the wall – also ground the space.

Or, you may choose a darker, dramatic color on your high ceiling to make your space more intimate.

Choose your color palette based on your art, accessories, or on that certain Venetian Plaster that you love. The color combination of a room’s walls and ceiling are an artistic and creative design feature that accentuates your room’s color palette.

Venetian Plaster for your perfect Fifth Wall!

Venetian Plaster, with its range of texture, sheen, and movement is perfect to top off your room’s design theme.

Contact us for more ideas on how to make Venetian Plaster ceilings the perfect fit for you.

Ciao a presto.