The Heart of Venetian Plaster

It may be named for the city of Venice Italy, but Venetian Plaster is actually made nearby in the mainland’s Venetian region, the Veneto – the Heart of Venetian Plaster.

One of the most prominent Venetian Plaster producing cities is Vicenza, known for its entrepreneurial vibe. The heart of Venetian Plaster production is also the birthplace of one of Western civilization’s most celebrated architects, Andrea Palladio.

Vicenza – UNESCO World Heritage Site

“The City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto” is a World Heritage Site, where Palladio’s civic buildings, churches, and villas are protected.

Vicenza hosts some of his most famous villas and civic buildings. Palladio, for his inspiring designs, used the materials that were not only abundant in the area, but were aesthetically rich and durable too – including Venetian Plaster.

If you ever have the chance to go there, and see and tour any of his buildings, do it! You’ll develop a new love for the architecture of much of Western civilization.

Sale e Pepe – Salt and Pepper Marmorino

Venetian Plaster covers Palladio’s villas inside and out. His most often used wall finish was “sale e pepe”, a Marmorino Venetian Plaster with sifted black volcanic sand added. The black sand gives it pepper-like specks of color in an off-white natural base of “salt”.

Sale e Pepe is still produced in the Venetian region of Italy. For your Venetian Plaster project, we can import it from Vicenza, from one of the Venetian Plaster Academies and producers where we learned the true historic art of authentic Venetian Plaster application.

Architectural history on your walls!

Pretty cool to have such beautiful architectural history on your own walls!

Contact us to have your own salt and pepper Venetian Plaster – or any other “flavor” that you desire.

Ciao a presto.