Venetian Plaster Project: Veneziano in Garden Room

Here is another one of our first Venetian Plaster projects – this one is Veneziano, from back in 2004. A friend of the musician who had us do his music room in Modern Mantovano loved it so much that she wanted something similar in her garden room filled with tropical plants. And of course, she wanted it in her favorite color, denim blue.

Veneziano is the most traditional Venetian Plaster finish, and dates from the Renaissance period, when Venetian architects and designers were looking for ways to give their buildings the same elegance as the buildings on the mainland, but without the weight of using stone blocks and slabs. You can read more about why they needed to do this HERE.

This translucent wall finish is smooth to the touch, and polished to a mirror-like gloss.

Our client’s garden room, which used to have unimaginably dated wallpaper on the walls, got a new lease on life with its Veneziano Italian Plaster wall finish. And don’t those plants pop against the denim blue color she chose!

Do you have any dated, uninspiring spaces in your home? Would Veneziano lift the spirits of the space? We can apply Veneziano on your walls in any color that you dream of, from the brightest white to very dark “nearly” black, with any imagined color in between.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you an estimate for getting this beautiful traditional Italian plaster wall finish in your home!

Veneziano in Garden Room

Veneziano in Garden Room of Private Residence