Venetian Plaster Project: Modern Mantovano in Music Room

Our first Venetian Plaster project from back in 2003 – a special room in the private home of a musician! Our client loved our Modern Mantovano sample so much, he wanted the exact same finish and color in his music room.

This textured, translucent wall finish is smooth to the touch, and polished to a mirror-like gloss. It’s made to somewhat mimic the look of true Mantovano plaster, but with only half as many layers, making it less expensive to have in your home. You can read more about it HERE.

We should have taken a before picture of the room. Our Venetian Plaster made such a huge difference in the ambience of the room, everyone was amazed. It turned a dull, uninspiring, and ignored room into one with great energy where our client – and all his musician friends loved to hang out.

Do you have any dull, uninspiring spaces in your home? Would Modern Mantovano lift the spirits of the space? We can apply Modern Mantovano on your walls in any color that you dream of, from the brightest white to very dark “nearly” black, with any imagined color in between.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you an estimate for getting this beautiful non-traditional Italian plaster wall finish in your home!

Red Modern Mantovano in Music Room

Modern Mantovano in Music Room of Private Residence