Venetian Plaster Summer

With its cool touch and stylishly cool look, Venetian Plaster will give your home or business an ambience and charm that makes your summer at home the best ever.


Marmorino, with one of its main ingredients being Italian marble, gives walls a matte coolness that paint or faux can never match. And only Real Italian Marmorino – Venetian Plaster – has that subtle sparkle that comes from real bits of marble from the Italian Alps, the Dolomites.

Plaster Artistry has recently done quite a few range hoods in beautiful Marmorino. Most clients prefer the natural off-white (untinted) Marmorino. Because it comes directly from the Dolomite mountains, as does Carrara Marble, the untinted version is perfect for a kitchen with Carrara or similar marble countertops or backsplashes.

Marmorino comes in a few different variations, each with its own unique look.

Real Italian Grassello

Or, you can choose the highly polished finish of Real Italian Grassello with aged, slaked limestone and powdered marble. Our Italian trained artisans can craft a look and feel that you will cherish for years in either a matte or highly polished finish.

Plaster Artistry has recently completed a bathroom done in deep blue Italian Grassello. It turned out perfectly, and the clients loved it!

Moroccan Tadelakt

Another extremely popular plaster finish being requested now is the unique and intriguing Tadelakt. The signature plaster finish of the Hammams (public baths) in Marrakesh looks amazing in modern or rustic settings. Bathrooms, fireplaces, and range hoods all are perfect in Tadelakt. Read more about this popular plaster here.

You can choose any color you like. Let this summer be *your* Venetian Plaster summer. Contact us to make it happen!

Ciao a presto.

Venetian Plaster summer cottage.

Cool Venetian Plaster in summer cottage.