Is Real Venetian Plaster in your budget?

Do you crave the authenticity of Real Venetian Plaster but think you can’t afford it? Yes, Venetian Plaster *is* in your budget!

On a budget

Don’t think that because Real Venetian Plaster is made in and imported from Italy that you cannot afford it. Think about using this amazing Italian decorative finish in a smaller area.

Dress up smaller areas

Yes, a whole room, house, or office does look awesome when dressed in “Italian”. And if that is within your reach, then sure, go for it. However, it dresses up a kitchen when used as a range hood finish, too.

Real Venetian Plaster is also beautiful on an accent wall, or in a breakfast nook. Think smaller for this awesome “Big Look” finish. You can take yourself and your guests in Italy with a powder room done in Real Venetian Plaster.

Yes, we do wonders with all your smaller areas – and big ones, too! Matte. Glossy. Smooth as polished marble. Lightly textured. Highly textured.

Made from real Italian marble!

BTW, Real Venetian Plaster is made from Italian Dolomite marble. We create all the looks that you and high-end designers are demanding and using. Remember that Real Venetian Plaster is always in style, unlike its poor and faded imitation – faux.

Contact us today to get your big or little, large or small Real Venetian Plaster project done soon. And rest assured that we *only* use Real, “Authentic Italian Venetian Plaster”. Anything else is just – faux.

Ciao a presto!

With a small project, Venetian plaster can be in your budget!

In this photo, you can see the off-white/grayish color variation that makes Velluto Marmorino so velvety and beautiful. With a small project like this Velluto that we installed on our client’s range hood, Venetian Plaster really can be within your budget!