How Long Does Real Venetian Plaster Last?

How long does Real Venetian Plaster last? Well, the earliest reported mention of Venetian Plaster was in 1473 A.D. A building contract with the nuns of Santa Chiara of Murano Island, in Venice, Italy, called for Marmorino, which in Italian means “Little Marble”. Italian marble is one of the primary, indispensable ingredients of Real Venetian Plaster.

In Italy, a building is not considered “old” unless it is at least 400 years old. Yes, 400 years old!

Interior Real Venetian Plaster – the finish of choice

Now, does Real Venetian Plaster last 400 years or longer? Well, in a country that values longevity, Real Venetian Plaster is the first choice wall and ceiling finish. In interiors it will easily last that long – or even longer! Since it’s mostly made of Italian limestone and Dolomitic marble, it endures a very long time.

Exterior Real Venetian Plaster and its longevity

When used on exteriors, Venetian Plaster used to last for many decades, even centuries. Now, due to modern environmental conditions such as acid rain and industrial pollution, it may need to be redone occasionally.

Have you ever seen those cool photos of multi-colored, peeling, layered plaster walls in Italy? Well, that is an example of an exterior Venetian Plaster Redo. The exterior base plaster will last for centuries; but under certain trying conditions, the colored, thinner Venetian Plaster outer layer needs a bit of a facelift. And even when the outer layers peel, the multi-colored layers of exterior Venetian Plaster looks very cool and artistic.

Real Venetian Plaster is unmatched

So don’t worry if you think that interior Real Venetian Plaster finishes will become dull and boring too soon. Interior Real Venetian Plaster will easily outlive many coats of paint or faux painting, looking awesome all the while.

Enjoy the everlasting ambience of Real Venetian Plaster in your home or business.

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