How old is Venetian Plaster?

When we were in Italy studying and training in the Venetian Plaster arts, we were told that if a building was not at least 400 years old, the Italians did not consider it to be old.

Now let’s just think about that for a moment. The United States is a mere infant by Italian standards. Here, we have a short term frame of mind, whereas the Italians think long term. Their mindset takes into consideration a structure’s history and its enduring design aesthetics.

Historic Venetian Plaster – Marmorino

Some of the Italian Plaster finishes that we learned date at least as far back as the 11th century. One of these is the classic Marmorino, which has a subtle sparkle from the ground marble that it’s made from. In Italy, we saw centuries-old Marmorino in a number of historic buildings, and it was still beautiful.

11th Century Venetian Plaster – Mantovano

Another historic Italian Plaster finish that we learned was Mantovano, the traditional finish used inside the palaces of Mantua, which predate the Italian Renaissance. The Mantovano walls that we saw in Mantua were still beautiful – although if you touched one, an alarm would sound and you would be unceremoniously escorted from the building by uniformed security.

Lasts almost forever!

So you see, Real Venetian Plaster lasts almost forever and looks great by the exacting Italian standards of design excellence. Just think what it will do for your home or business!

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Ciao a presto.