Stay cool with Real Venetian Plaster

Real Venetian Plaster has real Italian stone as its main ingredient. That’s right – stone. And, it has not just one type of stone, but two. Real Venetian Plaster contains Italian marble from the Dolomite mountains and Italian limestone.

Made from authentic Italian stone

The limestone usually comes from rivers in the Venetian region, such as the Brenta, and is also frequently sourced from the Venetian basin. Incidentally, the limestone in the water is what gives the waters of Venice that striking blue-green color.

Together, marble and limestone make up most of the volume of Real Venetian plaster.

Cool to the touch

Because stone is much denser than paint, it acts as a heat sink and cools the surrounding air, making your summertime environment much more pleasant. It’s also cool to the touch.

And… the icing on the cake… is that Real Venetian Plaster is beautiful *and* cool. How cool is that?

Make your summer even more beautiful – and cool too.

Contact us soon to make your home or business the cool place to be.

Ciao a presto.